Future Proposed Community

The Equality Digital District

The Equality District, Inc, a 501c3 tax exempt designated company, seeks to bring an end to inequality, currently estimated to impact more than 40% of Americans (140 million people).  The goal is to bring forth a federal and state designated, taxed community in Central New Jersey, that implements, and promotes, even taxation within the United States tax code. This will bring transformative changes thus disrupting present day policies that result in economic injustice and a health death gap between Whites, Blacks Latinos and Native Indian Americans. For this reason, we seek funding consideration of The Equality District, Inc, for $13 billion.

The Corporation for Enterprise Development estimates that, if current policies remain in place, it will take African Americans 228 years to accumulate the amount of wealth that Whites currently possess. Currently, Fortune 1000 corporations employ less than 3% of African Americans and Native American Indians, out of 36 million employees at their corporations. Further evidence of the need to re-structure the tax code emerges from the fact that billionaires pay merely 8% in taxes, while average American workers (i.e., firefighters, teachers, bookkeepers, nurses etc.) are taxed at substantially higher rates.

The plan is to build the following properties to comprise The Equality Digital District: namely:

  1. Three Hotels
  2. Four Office Buildings
  3. A Convention Center
  4. An Entertainment Complex
  5. A Stadium for Football games, e-games and other sports activities
  6. A Health Technology Center
  7. Media and Family Center
  8. Water parks
  9. Charter Schools
  10. Housing: 500 Rental Units, 1000 Condo Townhouses and 500 individual residential units
  11. Restaurants, interesting walking trails and Shops
  12. 4 Golf Courses (2 nine-hole golf courses and 2 eighteen-hold golf courses)
  13. Associated rolling-offices and support staff sites

Total estimated cost is $13 billion